CCTV Cameras

In recent years closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems have done much to deter crime and anti-social behaviour. The cctv-pic1presence of cameras sends a message to criminals that their activities will be seen and recorded.Barrier surveillance ltd are a market leader in the design and installation of effective CCTV and integrated systems. We have been designing CCTV and integrated systems for over 13 years and our expertise is second to none.

From a single site to multiple sites, camera systems incorporating a single camera to hundreds of cameras, Barrier Surveillance ltd is one of the uk’s leading companies in design and installation of security systems. We install the very latest in system technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure that our clients are at the forefront of the cutting edge of technology.

cctv-pic2Barrier Surveillance ltd is agnostic when it comes to deciding which equipment to use for our clients. We do not believe in tying ourselves down to one manufacturer or one brand of product, but instead use only the best equipment that will provide our clients precise needs. Typical brands we install includePelco, Panasonic, Baxall, Vista and JVC.

One key area of expansion in our range is the high resolutions Digital CCTV technology is fast become all pervasive in both consumer and commercial camera systems, the potential benefits are enormous.

SSystems installed by barrier surveillance are installed to the highest of B.S.I and SSAIB standards and our expertise in this cctv-pic3area is second-to-none. Barrier surveillance engineers are constantly trained to the highest of standards. All employees employed by barrier surveillance are security checked over 10 years, and vetted by the numerous police authorities Whatever your requirements, whatever your budget barrier surveillance ltd can put together a solution tailor made to meet your circumstances.