What is SSAIB and why do insurers Trust SSAIB approved companies to do the Job?

SSAIB approved companies meet the most rigorous entry standards in the uk and are subject to comprehensive “repute of management checks” SSAIB companies meet all relevant British and European standards for technical performance, all SSAIB approved companies must train staff to the industries best-practice standards and all employees have received 10 year security vetting via the police authorities all SSAIB companies are fully insured to protect customers interests and staff. SSAIB companies are inspected every 12 months by SSAIB auditors including customer site inspection.

  • Quality Delivery
    Highest performance standards in the UK, inspected by the toughest regime
  • Security Vetting
    All employees are strictly vetted by the police authorities. (Same vetting to British standards as banking staff)
  • Staff training
    High level of staff training and supervision
  • Maintenance and Call out
    SSAIB companies have to deliver a quality service which includes 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year 4 hour response.
  • Police Response
    SSAIB companies are authorised to install police-calling systems, SSAIB companies operate the most efficient police calling processes and networks in the UK
  • False alarms
    SSAIB companies are required to design security systems to minimise false alarms
  • Deterrence
    Anecdotal Surveys show a high criminal awareness and avoidance of premises protected by SSAIB approved companies
  • Customer Care
    SSAIB offers an independent complaints arbitration service