Access Control & Intercom

The purpose of an access control system is to restrict the access of unauthorised persons to an area while facilitating the entry of authorised persons’access-control-pic1

Many points need to be considered at the design stage of an access control system: Your new Access Control System could benefit from:

  • Photo identification cards which can be linked to CCTV for positive ID.
  • Anti-pass back, which prevents the access card holder having more than one consecutive entry.
  • Roll call facility. This will automatically print a list of those cardholders present, at the time of an emergency such as a fire alarm activation.
  • Access time management. You are able to assign/bar entry times to controlled areas.
  • Cashless vending. Photocopying, vending machines, library management, dining etc.
  • Car parking control.

Access Control – Typical Installationaccess-control-pic2

  • Proximity swipe and all other technologies available
  • Multiple access levels
  • Multiple time zones
  • Anti passback
  • Full monitoring of all doors
  • Monitoring of attempted unauthorized access
  • Interlock facility
  • Card printing